promoting care, opposing euthanasia

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'Dementia is frequently overlooked as being a terminal illness and as a consequence, there are unacceptable failures to prepare and plan for end of life care. Despite much attention on dementia in recent years, many people with dementia are not dying where they had hoped; others face meeting the end of their life in pain or without dignity. A lot needs to happen to improve care.'

Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive at Alzheimer's Society

'The number of people affected by dementia in the UK will be 850,000 by 2015. By 2030, the proportion of the UK aged over 85 is expected to double. As a result we are likely to see a significant increase in the number of people with dementia, which is currently the leading cause of death in women and the third leading cause of death in men.'

'Living and Dying with Dementia - Barriers to Care' - Marie Curie/Alzheimer's Society, December 2014

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