New champions for emerging challenges

CNK leadership

CNK's Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Gordon Macdonald as the first CEO of Care Not Killing. Gordon has led CNK's work in Scotland for a decade, and now brings his knowledge and skills to this new role. Visit the website to read more about Gordon, and to see a few examples of his work with us; Gordon will take up the role in April.

Royal College of Physicians

The twists and turns of the Royal College of Physicians consultation on assisted suicide have been frustrating, and we want to thank all of you who have in so many ways helped to bring the case for continued opposition to wider attention. The consultation closed last Friday (1 March), but the fight goes on.

Four fellows and members of the College have launched legal proceedings, challenging the College's approach - not least the requirement for a supermajority to stop a new stance of neutrality being imposed. To be reminded of the threat of medical neutrality, you need only read these words of prominent assisted suicide activist Ray Tallis:

'I believe that we shall bring these bodies round to an appropriate stance of neutrality and that, with this obstacle out of the way, parliament may indeed come to support legislation in favour of assisted dying.'

The challenge to 'a sham poll with a rigged outcome' could potentially be very costly, and the four doctors are seeking to raise £40,000. You can read more about the judicial review at their Go Fund Me page, where you can also donate to the fighting fund. It is imperative that efforts to impose neutrality upon doctors be challenged; please share word of the judicial review, and the fundraising campaign.

News in brief

  • Assisted suicide numbers continue to rise in Oregon, with almost two thirds now citing fear of being a burden as a reason for ending their lives, as lawmakers consider widening eligibility
  • An expert report on complications in assisted suicide and euthanasia suggests that a relatively high incidence of vomiting, prolongation of death and reawakening from coma could render such deaths 'inhumane'
  • A 77-year old Worcestershire man with Motor Neurone Disease has died after removing the oxygen mask he relied upon to breath. Mr King said he did not want a change in the law in favour of assisted suicide as it 'could make people vulnerable to pressure.'

Your support

So far this year your support has (among other things) allowed us to

We remain enormously grateful for all donations and regular giving. If you would like to donate - and the threats this year will likely only multiply - you can do so at our website.

Thank you.