Care Not Killing needs your support if we are to be successful in promoting good care and protecting vulnerable people. You can help our campaign in the following ways:


CNK is a not-for-profit campaigning organisation which consistently punches above its weight, relying on donations from concerned individuals and member groups.

Be informed

Sign up for our e-newsletter updates, check our website regularly and follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We aim to keep you up to date with all the latest developments.

Lobby legislators

Contact MPs, Peers, MSPs, AMs, MLAs and others, asking them to consider the evidence-based case against legalising assisted suicide. It is vital that legislators have heard the case for our current legal protections, and for building on our world-leading palliative care, when they are asked to consider any future draft law.

Engage others

Discuss these issues with family, friends and colleagues or engage with like-minded people on social media by joining Twitter and Facebook.

Write letters and contribute to debate

Write to newspapers, post on blogs, web news sites and social media and challenge those with powerful voices who misrepresent the debate. We will let you know when we are running any campaign and keep you informed.

Tell your story

If you have a personal story which illustrates good care or the dangers of changing the law, please let us know.


We are always looking for energetic people to work, write, lobby and speak for us in schools, communities and media. Please let us know if you think you can help.

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