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Following the launch of a massive new campaign by assisted suicide advocates, and renewed calls within Holyrood, MSPs from across the political spectrum restated in April 2019 why the law should remain as it is, and asked:

'Have we really become a society that says the best answer we can provide to those suffering in end-of-life situations is to help them kill themselves? Is that really all we can offer?'

The late independent MSP Margo MacDonald launched a previous bill to permit assisted suicide for Scots (Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill) on 14 November 2013. Following evidence gathering by the Health and Sport Committee - including contributions by our then-Campaign Director and (below) our now-CEO - and Stage One debate on 27 May 2015, MSPs threw out the Bill by a margin of 82-36. An earlier attempt in 2010 also failed.

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