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My daughter

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29th November 2008

A mother considers the potential impact of Baroness Warnock's thinking...

At a recent review meeting at my daughter's residential care home today I was astonished to discover that it is now a legal requirement for "end of life issues" to feature on the agendas of review meetings. I could understand it if she was 95 and frail, but she isn't - she's a young woman with a normal life expectancy but with severe physical limitations and insufficient mental capacity to grasp the concept of her own mortality.

In the wake of Mary Warnock's outburst about those with dementia being a burden on their carers, I'm concerned that this kind of advanced planning is the 'thin end of the wedge'.

What kind of a society are we becoming? And who is going to protect the right to life of this beautiful, happy, lively, albeit severely limited young lady when I'm no longer here to fight her corner for her?

When did the right-to-life become equated with so-called quality-of-life, which is just a new-speak euphemism for economic productivity? Surely the degree of civilisation of a society is measured by the way it treats its weakest and most vulnerable members?

Anonymous to protect daughter's identity

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