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Key Bill guides published

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7th November 2014

Read briefings circulated among members of the House of Lords ahead of the Falconer Bill's committee stage: on the Bill itself and on ten reasons not to follow Oregon's example.

Key Bill guides published

Care Not Killing circulated two documents among peers concerning general and specific problems with the Falconer Bill, and problems found in practice in the US state of Oregon, whose law is the basis for the Assisted Dying Bill. These followed a report by Professor John Keown of Georgetown University which was similarly circulated ahead of second reading in July. Download all three now.

Download Lord Falconer's Assisted Dying Bill

Download Don't make Oregon's mistake: Ten reasons why the UK should not follow suit and legalise assisted suicide

Download Physician-assisted Suicide: Some Reasons for Rejecting Lord Falconer's Bill by Professor John Keown

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