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Locked-in syndrome sufferer graduates

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8th August 2014

Various media outlets have carried the story of Dawn Faizey Webster, who has completed a degree and written an autobiography since developing locked-in syndrome more than ten years ago

LIS sufferer graduates
Dawn's story, like those of Bram Harrison and Richard Marsh, sets the experience of locked-in syndrome sufferers in a different light to better-publicised, more negative accounts, and has been covered by, among others, the Daily Mail, the Guardian and the Telegraph, which reports:

Ms Faizey Webster said: 'When I passed my degree, I was so pleased and proud of myself.

'I had achieved my goal that I had for six years been striving for.

'No matter what obstacles were in my way, such as getting pneumonia twice and other lesser illnesses, I was determined to reach my goal.

'When I first had my stroke, I realised I would not be able to do anything physical.

'I then decided to use the thing that had not been affected and that was my brain.

'I felt I needed to prove to myself and to others that I was still me, Dawn.'

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