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Liz Carr asks: "Better Off Dead?" (BBC1)

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14th May 2024

Essential viewing: BBC1 at 9pm on 14 May (and afterwards on iPlayer)

Liz Carr asks:

"In a society where disabled people are often told they are 'better off dead' than disabled, Liz [Carr] asks: 'Should we really be giving more power to end that group of people's lives?'"

The BBC says of Better Off Dead? (BBC1, 9-10pm, Tuesday 14 May):

"We may be used to seeing Liz [Carr] in dramas such as Silent Witness, Good Omens or The Witcher, but now she's stepping away from the spotlight to pursue her greatest passion - debating why she believes we shouldn't legalise assisted suicide. As a long-term campaigner against that change, Liz fears disabled lives will be put at risk if the law is altered."

Those of us outside Parliament on the day of the recent Westminster Hall debate were privileged to hear Liz speak (as seen above), and she has worked hard over the years to ensure people with disabilities are heard in this debate. From her two-part BBC World Service documentary in 2013 (her "Euthanasia Road Trip") to her 2016 musical casting an "unheard perspective" in a new light, Liz's has been a leading voice.

The Guardian calls the programme "unmissable", and we are certain this is true. As Liz said in an interview published today:

"It feels like it's coming at us from all angles… I'm so incensed that there is never any balance on this topic. Of course I'm worried I'll be slagged off, that it'll get nasty on social media. Will people come up to me on the street? But I worry more about my friends that are in the programme. The film is full of my world, my love and support. I feel a duty of care to them… Life is more fun when you're not doing this stuff. Acting is what I love and what I really need to get back to… [but] I'm fighting for the right to live."

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