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Submissions to the Director of Public Prosecutions consultation on assisted suicide

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6th January 2010

On 23 September 2009, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer, produced a policy outlining the 'facts and circumstances' he will take into consideration when deciding whether or not to prosecute in cases of assisted suicide. The guidance took effect immediately but was subject to a public consultation which closed 18 December 2009.

Many organisations submitted responses to the DPP and a number received media coverage. The DPP will report by 10 March 2010.

Care Not Killing Alliance
Media Reports:
Assisted suicide is not a tick-box exercise (The Times, 16 Nov 2009)
Elderly and disabled could be 'forced to commit suicide' (The Telegraph, 14 Nov 2009)
Legal guidance on assisted suicide 'a danger to elderly' (The Times, 14 Nov 2009)

Not Dead Yet UK (Alliance of Disability Rights Groups)
Media Report:
Assisted suicide: disabled should not be allowed legally to kill themselves (The Telegraph, 17 Dec 2009)

Media Report:
Assisted suicide must not be legalised, say BMA leaders (OnMedica News, 11 Dec 2009)

Catholic Bishops Conference
Media Report:
Assisted suicide rule 'a cloak for murder' (The Telegraph, 20 Nov 2009)

Christian Medical Fellowship
Media Report:
Christian doctors in boycott of 'back-door euthanasia' (The Daily Mail, 14 Dec 2009)

All Party Parliamentary Group on Dying Well
Media Report:
Assisted suicide guidance will lead to 'legalised killing,' MPs and peers warn (The Telegraph, 17 Dec 2009)

Church of England

Pro-life Alliance

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