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Gordon Brown

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25th February 2010

'We must resist the call to legalise assisted suicide'

Gordon Brown has today publically urged people to "resist the call to legalise assisted suicide". Promoting the positive effects and developments in Palliative Care, Brown writes: 'I believe that people are drawn to support the right to assisted suicide because of fears about how they will be cared for when they are dying...we should look more closely at such fears and what has been done to address them...the last months of someone's life could be pain-free, dignified and worth living.'

Responsible for the safety of the nation, there is great reasoning and protection behind his words. Brown foresees that the 'risk of pressures - however subtle - on the frail and the vulnerable, who may feel their existences burdensome to others, cannot ever be entirely excluded' and recognises the 'inevitable erosion of trust,' were people legally allowed to help end the life of another.

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