BBC World Service has a good story about Alison Davis. Alison rejected religious faith and wanted to die. Alison has a split spine and has had breathing difficulties. She has intractable pain. When she wanted to die, she thought that she would be doing her friends and family a favour. It was a life changing encounter with a student that helped to change Alison's life. It is important that Alison's message is heard by others who feel that they may be better off dead.

Alison says during the interview:

"When I wanted to die I thought I'd be doing my friends and family a favour. I thought, well they'll go back to their normal lives and don't have to be burdened with me. It's only looking back that I realise what a horrible trick of the mind that is.... What one person does impacts on what everyone else does. And if we say to one eighty year old lady who thinks her life is not worth having anymore...then we start to say that being tired of living is a good enough reason to have your life ended. And then what happens to other eighty year old ladies who are starting to think maybe I'm a burden to my family - shouldn't I do the same thing? And just looking on it from a purely basic point of view, if we start to allow it there will be no end because we [will] have said that this is an appropriate answer to this problem, and I say it isn't."