Care Not Killing is helping schools with the PHSE curriculum.

Written material

Independence publishers' latest Issues Today book features several of our web articles: euthanasia Q&As, What do the public think? and Morphine kills pain not patients.

Issues Today books are edited specifically for 11 to 14 year olds studying Key Stage 3 material and are suitable for use in PHSE classes. The series features cut-down articles from both sides of debates relevent to the general public.

Care Not Killing's contributions have already been published in a longer Issues book, which is aimed at adult audiences.

Multi-media workshops

Teachers may be interested to know that Care Not Killing has a network of spokespeople - doctors fluent in communicating with the younger generation. We go into schools to facilitate discussions and workshops, and have a range of multi-media material including DVDs and a YouTube site. Why not contact us to discuss how we could help you?

Care Not Killing