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The Netherlands

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20th August 2009


The Dutch parliment is to consider assisted suicide for anyone over 70 years old, who feels they have 'completed' their life.

Holland proposes giving over-70 who 'consider their lives complete' the right to die


Dr Els Borst, the former Health Minister and Deputy Prime Minister who guided the legalisation of Euthanasia through the Dutch parliament, has now spoken out to warn people against making the same mistake.

In 2002, the Netherlands legalised euthanasia. Here are some links to information on the situation in the Netherlands:

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The quality of mercy - Child Euthanasia in the Netherlands (24 Jan 2005)

Media Briefing (27 Apr 2006)

Assisted dying is illegal in most other countries (12 Dec 2006)

Dutch Euthanasia stats (27 Apr 2007)

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