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List of all Peers who voted against Lord Falconer's Assisted Suicide Amendment to the Coroners' and Justice Bill

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21st October 2009

· The list below consists of peers who are known to oppose the legalisation of assisted suicide

· Click on a peer's name for their email address

· We suggest you write to the two or three peers who have surnames closest to your own

· You will find more information about writing to peers on the Parliament website

Full Title (how to address)

Lord Acton (Lord Acton)
Baroness Adams (Lady Adams)
Lord Adonis (Lord Adonis
Lord Ahmed (Lord Ahmed)
Viscount Allenby of Megiddo (Lord Allenby)
Lord Alton of Liverpool (Lord Alton)
Lord Ampthill (Lord Ampthill)
Lady Anelay (Lady Anelay)
Lord Armstrong of Ilminster (Lord Armstrong)
Earl Attlee (Lord Attlee)
Lord Ballyedmond (Lord Ballydemond)
Lord Bilston (Lord Bilston)
Lord Brennan (Lord Brennan)
Viscount Bridgeman (Lord Bridgeman)
Lord Bridges (Lord Bridges)
Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe (Lord Brooke)
Lord Brookman (Lord Brookman)
Bishop of Southwark (Lord Bishop Butler)
Baroness Byford (Lady Byford)
Lord Caithness (Lord Caithness)
Lord Campbell of Alloway (Lord Campbell)
Lord Campbell-Savours (Lord Campbell-Savours)
Lord Carey of Clifton (Lord Carey)
Lord Carlile of Berriew(Lord Carlile)
Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham (Lord Bishop Cassidy)
Lord Cavendish of Furness (Lord Cavendish)
Baroness Chapman (Lady Chapman)
Lord Chidgey (Lord Chidgey)
Bishop of London (Lord Bishop Chartres)
Baroness Clark (Lady Clark)
Lord Clarke of Hampstead (Lord Clarke)
Lord Clement-Jones (Lord Clement-Jones)
Lord Colville (Lord Colville)
Lord Colwyn (Lord Colwyn)
Lord Condon (Lord Condon)
Lord Cope of Berkeley (Lord Cope)
Baroness Corston (Lady Corston)
Earl Courtown (Lord Courtown)
Lord Craig (Lord Craig)
Lady Crawley (Lady Crawley)
Baroness Cumberlege (Lady Cumberlege)
Lord De Mauley (Lord De Mauley)
Baroness Dean (Lady Dean)
Baroness Deech (Lady Deech)
Lord Denham (Lord Denham)
Lord Dixon (Lord Dixon)
Lord Dixon-Smith (Lord Dixon-Smith)
Baroness D'Souza (Lady D'Souza)
Earl of Dundee (Lord Dundee)
Lord Eames (Lord Eames)
Lady Eccles (Lady Eccles)
Lord Eden (Lord Eden)
Baroness Elles (Lady Elles)
Lord Elliott of Morpeth (Lord Elliott)
Lord Elton (Lord Elton)
Baroness Emerton (Lady Emerton)
Baroness Falkender (Lady Falkender)
Viscount Falkland (Lord Falkland)
Earl of Ferrers (Lord Ferrers)
Baroness Finlay of Llandaff (Lady Finlay)
Lord Filkin (Lord Filkin)
Lady Fookes (Lady Fookes)
Lord Forsyth (Lord Forsyth)
Lord Fraser (Lord Fraser)
Bishop of Chester (Lord Bishop Forster)
Lord Freeman (Lord Freeman)
Lady Gale (Lady Gale)
Baroness Gardner of Parkes (Lady Gardner)
Lord Glenarthur(Lord Glenarthur)
Lord Gordon (Lord Gordon)
Lord Griffiths of Burry Port (Lord Griffiths)
Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank (Lord Guthrie)
Baroness Hanham (Lady Hanham)
Lord Hannay of Chiswick (Lord Hannay)
Lord Hardie (Lord Hardie)
Lord Harries of Pentregarth (Rt Rev Lord Harries)
Lord Hastings (Lord Hastings)
Lord Hayhoe (Lord Hayhoe)
Lord Henley (Lord Henley)
Lord Higgins (Lord Higgins)
Baroness Hogg (Lady Hogg)
Baroness Howarth (Lady Howarth)
Lord Howarth (Lord Howarth)
Lord Howe (Lord Howe)
Lady Howells (Lady Howells)
Earl of Home (Lord Home)
Baroness Hooper (Lady Hooper)
Baroness Howe of Idlicote (Lady Howe)
Lord Howe of Aberavon (Lord Howe)
Lord Hunt of Wirral (Lord Hunt)
Lord Hutton (Lord Hutton)
Lord Hylton (Lord Hylton)
Lord Irvine (Lord Irvine)
Baroness James of Holland Park (Lady James)
Lord Jenkin of Roding (Lord Jenkin)
Lord St John of Fawsley (Lord John)
Bishop of Liverpool (Lord Bishop Jones)
Baroness Kennedy (Lady Kennedy)
Lord Kimball (Lord Kimball)
Lord King (Lord King)
Lord Kingsland (Lord Kingsland)
Lady Knight (Lady Knight)
Lord Laird (Lord Laird)
Lord Lamont of Lerwick (Lord Lamont)
Lord Lea (Lord Lea)
Lord Lewis of Newnham (Lord Lewis)
Earl Liverpool (Lord Liverpool)
Lord Livsey of Talgarth (Lord Livesy)
Lord Lofthouse of Pontefract (Lord Lofthouse)
Lord Luce (Lord Luce)
Lord Luke (Lord Luke)
Lord Lyell (Lord Lyell)
Lord Mackay of Clashfern (Lord Mackay)
Lord MacKenzie of Culkein (Lord Mackenzie)
Lord Maclennan (Lord Maclennan)
Lady Maddock (Lady Maddock)
Lord Maginnis of Drumglass (Lord Maginnis)
Countess of Mar (Lady Mar)
Lord Marlesford (Lord Marlesford)
Baroness Masham of Ilton (Lady Masham)
Lord Mawhinney (Lord Mawhinney)
Lord Mayhew of Twysden (Lord Mayhew)
Lord McColl of Dulwich (Lord McColl)
Bishop of Manchester (Lord Bishop McCulloch)
Baroness Mcdonagh
Baroness McFarlane (Lady McFarlane)
Lord McNally (Lord McNally)
Lord Methuen (Lord Methuen)
Baroness Morris of Bolton (Lady Morris)
Lord Morris (Lord Morris)
Lord Murton of Lindisfarne (Lord Murton)
Lord Naseby (Lord Naseby)
Lord Neill of Bladen (Lord Neill)
Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne (Lady Nicholson)
Lord Nickson (Lord Nickson)
Duke of Norfolk (Duke of Norfolk)
Earl of Northbrook (Lord Northbrook)
Baroness O'Cathain (Lady O'Cathain)
Lord O'neill (Lord O'Neill)
Earl of Onslow (Lord Onslow)
Baroness Oppenheim-Barnes (Lady Oppenheim-Barnes)
Lord Ouseley (Lord Ouseley)
Lord Patten (Lord Patten)
Earl Peel (Lord Peel)
Lord Pendry (Lord Pendry)
Lady Perry (Lady Perry)
Lord Pilkington (Lord Pilkington)
Lord Prys-Davies (Lord Prys-Davies)
Lord Rees-Mogg (Lord Rees-Mogg)
Lord Rix (Lord Rix)
Lord Roberts of Llandudno (Lord Roberts)
Lord Rogan (Lord Rogan)
Lord Rooker (Lord Rooker)
Lady Saltoun of Abernethy (Lady Saltoun)
Lord Sandberg (Lord Sandberg)
Lady Scotland (Lady Scotland)
Baroness Scott of Needham Market (Lady Scott)
Baroness Seccombe (Lady Seccombe)
Lord Selkirk (Lord Selkirk)
Lord Selsdon (Lord Selsdon)
Bishop of Winchester (Lord Bishop Scott-Joynt)
Earl of Selborne (Lord Selborne)
Baroness Shephard (Lady Shephard)
Lord Shutt of Greetland (Lord Shutt)
Viscount Simon (Lord Simon)
Lord Skelmersdale (Lord Skelmersdale)
Lord Skidelsky (Lord Skidelski)
Viscount Slim (Lord Slim)
Bishop of Leicester (Lord Bishop Stevens)
Bishop of Portsmouth (Lord Bishop Stevenson)
Lord Stoddart of Swindon (Lord Stoddart)
Lord Strabolgi (Lord Strabolgi)
Lord Strathclyde (Lord Strathclyde)
Lord Swinfen (Lord Swinfen)
Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean (Lady Symons)
Baroness Taylor (Lady Taylor)
Lord Taylor of Warwick (Lord Taylor)
Lord Taylor of Blackburn (Lord Taylor)
Viscount Tenby (Lord Tenby)
Lord Thomas of Gresford (Lord Thomas)
Lord Tombs (Lord Tombs)
Lord Tordoff (Lord Tordoff)
Lord Trefgarne (Lord Trefgarne)
Lord Tunnicliffe (Lord Tunnicliffe)
Lord Turnberg (Lord Turnberg)
Lord Tyler (Lord Tyler)
Baroness Uddin (Lady Uddin)
Lord Waddington (Lord Waddington)
Lord Wakeham (Lord Wakeham)
Lord Walpole (Lord Walpole)
Lord Walton (Lord Walton)
Baroness Wilcox (Lady Wilcox)
Baroness Wilkins (Lord Wilfson)
Baroness Wilkins (Lady Wilkins)
Baroness Williams of Crosby (Lady Williams)
Lord Williams of Elvel (Lord Williams)
Archbishop of Canterbury (Archbishop)
Lord Williamson of Horton (Lord Williamson)
Lord Wilson of Tillyorn (Lord Wilson)
Lord Wilson of Dinton (Lord Wilson)
Lord Winston (Lord Winston)

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