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Care Not Killing responds to the Nan Maitland assisted suicide

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4th April 2011

Care Not Killing responds to the Nan Maitland assisted suicide

CNK Press Release
Press Release issued on behalf of Care Not Killing, Sunday 3rd April 2011

Commenting on the case, Dr Peter Saunders, Campaign Director of Care Not Killing, said, "This case, involving an elderly woman with arthritis who was actively assisted by fellow campaigners to kill herself, yet again exposes the real agenda of the pro euthanasia lobby. They claim that the law should be changed to help only those in the last days or weeks of a terminal illness, whilst actively pursuing much broader goals.

"All the talk about demonstrating how assisted suicide and euthanasia could be legalised with 'safeguards' is simply a front for an agenda of incremental extension. The true aim of those campaigning for a change in the law, as we have seen today, is to allow anyone who requests it, regardless of their age or health, to be helped to end their lives.

"All the evidence shows that any change in the law would place pressure on vulnerable people, especially those who are elderly, depressed or disabled, to end their lives so as not to be a burden on loved ones, carers, or the state. This pressure will be much more acutely felt at a time of economic recession when health budgets are being cut and many families are feeling the financial pinch.

"The current law, which has been debated on numerous occasions in Parliament in recent years, is clear and ensures that the lives of vulnerable people are not exploited or abused. It provides a strong deterrent to abuse through the penalties that it holds in reserve. It does not need changing."

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