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Gordon Brown goes public on assisted suicide

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23rd March 2009

Gordon Brown has gone public about his opposition to assisted suicide...

The Prime Minister has waded into the end-of-life debate by twice stating his opposition to the legalisation of assisted suicide.

In the House of Commons on 10th December 2008, he stated his opposition to a change in the current law, and that he would never support legislation to permit assisted suicide that could put the sick or elderly under pressure to die.

He also restated his position on 30th December during an interview with Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor on Radio 4's flagship show, the Today programme.

On 20 March 2009, Prime Minister yet signalled his opposition to assisted suicide and would not support proposal backed by more than 100 MPs to allow families to help terminally ill relatives to die.

The Guardian, 20/03/2009


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