promoting care, opposing euthanasia

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Media Coverage 28 June - 2nd July 2009

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29th June 2009

Independent on Sunday, Sunday 28 June

Suicide is legal, helping someone to die is not. Must the law be changed?
Debbie Purdy and Michael Wenham, both living with terminal illnesses, put their opposing views ahead of this week's Lords debate

The Times, Monday 29 June

State must not forget its duty to protect the lives of citizens
Members of the House of Lords speak out over proposed changes to the Coroners and Justice Bill

Daily Telegraph, Monday 29 June

There is no dignity in assisted suicide
George Pitcher applauds the stand being taken against assisted suicide by three of our religious leaders.

Religious leader call for end to 'legal euthanasia' move
Three of Britain's most senior religious leaders have joined forces in a rare bid to stop a Lords amendment that they fear would pave the way to "legalising euthanasia".

The terminally ill need care and protection - not help in committing suicide

Senior legal figures join in opposition to 'euthanasia law' proposals
Five peers including a former Lord Chancellor have spoken out to denounce as "ill-defined, unsound and unnecessary" a plan that would allow people to help terminally ill loved ones end their lives overseas without fear of prosecution.

Daily Mail, Tuesday 30 June

Three church leaders in joint condemnation of Lordsbackdoor bid to 'legalise euthanasia'

The Guardian, Wednesday 1 July

Doctors oppose legal protection for assisted suicide relatives
BMA conference rejects bid to change law on prosecuting relatives who accompany patients to suicide clinics

The Scotsman, Thursday 2 July

Doctors say threat of prosecution should stay over assisted suicides
Doctors yesterday refused to back calls to lift the threat of prosecution from those who accompany terminally ill loved ones to overseas clinics to take their own lives.

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