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CNK Campaign Director discusses LCP use & abuse

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2nd November 2012

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph this week, CNK Campaign Director Dr Peter Saunders has discussed the positive use of the Liverpool Care Pathway as a means of allowing thousands of people who are only hours or days away from death to benefit from the relief of symptoms such as pain, anxiety and nausea.

LCP use & abuse interview
He identified transparency in the application of pathway care, close involvement of families and fully-trained, multi-disciplinary treatment teams as essential to the LCP's successful use, and states that is the absence of these and its inappropriate application in some non-dying patients that has contributed to recently reported cases of misuse.
"It's incredibly important that the decisions about its use are made by doctors who are well trained and who are considering the patient in front of them and they're not driven by any other agendas, and providing it's being done by well trained staff who know what they're doing and are properly accountable, then there shouldn't be problems."
-Dr Peter Saunders
Watch Dr Saunders speak to the Telegraph


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