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Dufour found Not Guilty

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12th December 2008

An article from the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition:

Stephan Dufour has been found not guilty in assisting the suicide of his uncle Chantal Maltais (Alma Quebec).
The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is convinced that this case is not a straight forward case, that their is significant question as to whether Dufour intented or had the mental capacity to intend to participate in the death of his uncle - Maltais.
We are convinced that no precedent has been set in this case. The facts would lead one to question whether their was intention to break the law or whether the harassment by Maltais and his limited mental capacity was a reasonable limit on his intention.
This case should not be treated as a precedent setting case. This is another sad case of a man who was experiencing extremely difficult life circumstances who was depressed and experiencing suicidal ideation and in need of suicide prevention intervention.
We ask the question: Did Chantal Maltais receive proper care based on his life circumstances?

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

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