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Assisted suicide voted down by MPs abroad

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23rd April 2010

by MPs abroad

MP Francine Lalonde's third attempt, since 2005, to push a euthanasia bill through Canada's Parliament has again failed. MPs firmly rejected Bill C-384 by an overwhelming vote of 228-59, on its second reading. The Canadian public, including doctors, social workers, those with chronic illness and relatives of those who have now departed, have expressed their support in this descision.

Moreover, rather than simply rejecting the Bill, MPs are now working together to improve palliative and elder care.

'It became quite clear that we couldn't simply oppose the bill…We had to move beyond that to actually come up with specific policies that were going to address the issue of suicide…That means studying palliative care, hospices, home care, suicide prevention, elder abuse and treatment of the disabled.' (Toronto Star, 21.4.10)

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