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Medical assurance companies warn doctors about assisted suicide and the new DPP guidlines

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22nd March 2010

Medical assurance companies

UK's British Medical Association (BMA), Medical Defence Union (MDU), The Medical Protection Society (MPS) and The Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland (MDDUS) have all given warnings about assisted suicide and the new DPP guidelines:

-BMA comment on Director of Public Prosecutions' final guidance on assisted dying

-Risk Alert: Medico-legal risk in assisted suicide

-MDU's concerns over CPS's new assisted suicide policy

-MDU takes to the road Prosecuting cases of assisted suicide (page 8)

-The MDU - Caution on suicide requests (members access only)

-Healthcare professionals are at a greater risk of prosecution for assisting suicide following new DPP guidelines says leading doctors' group

-New assisted suicide guidelines 'put GPs at greater risk of prosecution'

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