Web-based lobbying resources

It's never been easier to lobby Parliament. Let MPs, MSPs and Peers know your views with these web-based lobbying resources...

Westminster Parliament's Constituency Locata and the Scottish Parliament's MSP Locator are both simple ways of identifying your MP/MSPs.

The Westminster Parliamentary website details the locations and times of MPs' constituency surgeries.

WriteToThem.com is an fantastic, easy-to-use resource - simply type in your postcode and the site tells you the names and contact details of your local councillors, your regional representatives (eg London Assembly members if you live in London), your MP, your Members of Scottish Parliament (MSPs) and your Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). It details what all these different representatives do and even has a template to fill out in order to write to them online.

In Spring 206, House of Lords peers were inundated with letters from concerned individuals, each writing about their opposition to euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. This contributed in no small way to the defeat of the Joffe Bill at its second reading on 12th May.

Your opinions do matter - tell them to your political representatives!

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