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Sunday Times, 9 February 2020

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9th February 2020

As the BMA consultation gets under way, and following efforts in Parliament to push for a weakening of the law, CNK's CEO, Gordon Macdonald, writes in the Sunday Times.

Sunday Times, 9 February 2020

'It is for our elected representatives to take a lead on assisted suicide. Since 2003, the issues have been considered more than 30 times by MPs, MSPs, other elected officials, peers and judges. Each time, they have rejected a change in the law that would discriminate against the terminally ill, those with chronic conditions and disabled people.

'Evidence from around the world shows that removing these protections puts vulnerable people at risk of pressure, real or perceived, to end their lives prematurely. In the states of Oregon and Washington, year after year a majority of those ending their lives cite fear of becoming a burden as a reason.

'It is little wonder that last month the justice secretary, Robert Buckland, confirmed he had "grave doubts" about any weakening of current laws that prevent abuse.'

Published (£) 9 February 2020

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